The Dark Side of Freelance: How to Overcome Feeling Isolated

Writers are mostly freelancers. While freelance work could be exciting, since it offers greater flexibility and an opportunity to work without fixed schedules, it has a dark side that is often overlooked by the vast majority – isolation.

Inherently, freelance work involves putting in hours into working into writing articles, designing websites, designing logos, or even writing software and algorithms. With the advent of online working platforms as well as the ease of access to learning materials, many people have taken the time to learn essential skills that allow them to do online work.

The numbers indicate that freelancers will increase in years to come, and it is only poised to get better as years while away.

However, it is also worth noting that more often than not, freelancers are isolated and alone, since that is the best time that they can focus on coming up with quality work. Further, freelancing at times involves multitasking, which demands total concentration – something which is best achievable in an isolated and quiet environment. All in all, freelancers can beat isolation by engaging in other activities that shift their focus to work.

Connecting With Nature

You can overcome isolation by connecting with nature. When you walk into a park, for instance, or take a walk around, you get to relieve yourself and clear your head. This can help you to feel yourself again and break away from the isolation resulting from freelancing.

What’s more, walking around can help you to forget about your work temporarily, which is essential if you want to overcome freelance induced isolation.

Join a Club

One of the advantages of freelance work is that you can come up with a schedule of how to go about your day to day activities. However, freelancing also leads to isolation – thanks to hours of solo work. You can overcome this isolation by joining a local club. It could be a sports club, writing club, charity club, or any other club. Whichever club that you join, of course depending on your preferences, could help you to break away from the isolation that comes from freelancing.

Most clubs have meetings on specific days of the week, or even a host of activities during the weekends depending on the type of club. These clubs could be very integral if you want to overcome isolation since you could come up with a schedule that is fully inclusive of the activities of the club that you intend to join.

Family and Friends

Freelance work is demanding – especially if you are working on multiple projects for different clients that have strict deadlines. This might force you to put in more hours in work so that you can meet deadlines as well as deliver work that is of high quality. Therefore, this could result in isolation from other people within your environment and surroundings.

You could overcome this situation by organizing for family or friends’ meetups, where you get to spend time with your family members or your friends. This way, you will be able to overcome the dark side and  isolation that comes from freelancing, and you could get time to engage in other activities that could help you to unwind.

Rethink Your Workload

More often than not, many freelancers like to handle a lot of work, so that they can keep themselves engaged. Unless you are a workaholic – and even so, you need to create time for yourself and your family or friends so that you do not remain isolated. You can overcome isolation by taking up less work and creating more time for other activities. If you are a project leader and your involvement in a project is needed, then you can delegate some work to other freelancers so that you can create time for yourself.

Intensive work, in most cases, is what leads to isolation, and you can overcome and beat that isolation by reducing the work you have to take care of. Reduce your workload, and you will be surprised by the amount of free time that you will create for yourself.

In summary, freelancing can be very interesting and rewarding, since it gives you the freedom to dictate how and when you work. Freelance work allows you to create your schedules and work at times of your choosing, but it also has its downside.

Many freelancers out there are familiar with the isolation that comes with freelancing – since it is something that is intrinsic in the freelancing world.


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