Five Significant Things You Should Think About Before Starting Your Blog

Many people think you can write great content on what you love and earn passive income within a few hours. Besides, it takes a few seconds to create a WordPress account or a Tumblr, and you start the blog. The reality is far from the above misconception. To create a successful blog, you need to burn the midnight oil trying to engage the visitors and crafting ways of improving the website and increase your audience.

There are several strategies that you need to know before you can start your blog. The articles aim to extensively cover five concepts and equip you with the right facts.

  1.  Create a Plan

Remember the famous adage by Benjamin Franklin, ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail,’ starting a new blog is like starting a new business. You have to plan every step. Do you have a vision for the blog? How do you plan to optimize the content? When you do not plan what material to include, and which words to use, the blog will not fare well in search engines and end up attracting a small audience.

What Is the Goal?

Why are you blogging? Is it an attempt to make money or a marketing tool for your business? Having a clear idea of what you want to do with the blog will help you in choosing the right SEO words to use in the content. It also enables you to set the target audience, how many subscribers do you want in the first five months? How much revenue should the blog generate?

When you focus the blog on a specific niche, you will rank well in the search engines. The blog content will be directed towards the needs of the society. Perform adequate research for you to come up with the best topic. Use BuzzSumo and SEMRush to come up with the right keywords.

Look Into Your Competitors

When you want to use your blog to make money via blog monetization, research about the blogs run by your competitors. Investigate the kind of keywords they are using and the ideas in the content. Check to see if they rank in search engines and learn some of the tricks they have implemented to make their blogs unique.

Join a Blogging Platform

There are numerous online blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger among many others that you can use to create the blog. Weigh the features and cost of each platform before choosing the one that fits your needs. Once the website attracts a large audience, you will have to switch to a platform that has high performance and is fast. Therefore, consider the relevance of the platform once the website grows.

  1. Great Content

The key to having a successful blog is the use of epic content.  I bet you have heard the phrase; epic content is the kind of material that will shore up your content marketing strategy.  Epic content builds your brand and increases your marketing campaign. NewsCred in a recent study indicated that millennials are attracted towards content leading brand loyalty. Excellent content will generate leads, create brand awareness and build your online presence. Remember a single visit from the right customer could be a lead. What makes an epic content?

  • Content that is truthful and creates trust among the audience
  • A heroic material that gathers a lot of shares
  • The content has a long shelf life for it trends for some time.
  • The content is exhaustive, and it covers every aspect of the blog theme
  • It has a marketing merit
  • The information can be acted upon.
  1. NetworkandSeek Advice

Blogging is a social adventure, and no particular textbook tells you the secret to a successful blogging career. Attend social functions and seek help from other bloggers. Enquire of the mistakes they have done and how they countered the challenges. Create relationships with your blog, request other bloggers to be a guest in their posts. Be careful which blogs you feature in. Concentrates on the blogs that share common interest, values, and passions as the audience is fairly your target audience too and they will connect with your material. Have a normal conversation with the audience and enjoy your topics. It will help you create loyal viewers.

  1. MakeUseof Statistics

Backup your arguments by using statistics. Statistics bring your points to life, and the reader relates with such content more.

  1. GetPersonal

In the past, blogs were more like diaries.  Share your own experiences and opinions with the audience but not diary entries. Create an intimate relationship with the audience, answers all their questions and concerns. Picture yourself in the shoes of the client, what vital information might they be lacking, how about their emotions?


If the blog is excellent, top-notch out of the drawer kind of good, it will attract a large audience soon enough.

Is There Such Thing as Blogger Morality and Should Bloggers Maintain It?

Bloggers form a broad region of the larger group of online content creators. Others in this group are social media influencers and podcasters. Bloggers could be video bloggers, microbloggers or text bloggers depending on the nature of their online product. These people are responsible for critical global discussions as well as the spread of information. This responsibility is a huge task and with it, comes the need to observe some morals. Bloggers are responsible to their readers, viewers, and listeners to be respectful, fair and honest. The information supplied by bloggers could last a long time because the internet will always be there. Therefore accurate representation of content is of vital importance.

There is such a thing as blogger morality and bloggers, social media users and content creators should maintain a code of ethics.


Role of Bloggers in the Society

  • Practice freedom of speech not only to voice their opinions but also the views of others too. The world is becoming more accepting of democracy and the right to an opinion is the role of every blogger.
  • Promote important discussion towards better leadership, environmental standards, human rights and freedoms among others.
  • Shed critical light in the face of unfairness, discrimination, corruption, and injustice. It is imperative that every blogger understands that the age of the internet provides them with a role to disclose information that should be criticized.


Responsibility of Bloggers

  • Every blogger is tasked with the responsibility to be answerable for any content they put out on the internet for public viewing, reading or listening.
  • Credibility and Integrity. Bloggers have a duty to themselves and their audience to be credible in the information they distribute.
  • Plagiarism free. A blogger has the responsibility to present their ideas without duplication of other bloggers content. In the case of borrowed information, sources should always be cited as a means of recognizing the work of the initial owners.
  • Provide a definite source of information as a way to verify the information being supplied. In the modern free society, it is essential for a blogger to bear the ability to protect his or her sources.
  • Draw distinctions between facts and commentaries so as not to misguide their audiences.
  • Ensure that the title of the blog does not go beyond the scope of the actual content.
  • Present information having considered their consequences to the victims. For instance, in a case of human tragedy, information posted may have dire consequences for the affected.
  • Avoiding posting of information that the blogger would not state in person.


Applying a code of ethics is also implementing a roadmap to a successful blogging career because if bloggers are credible, then more people will want to read, listen or see what you have to say. In the same way, if you are mindful of your audience and represent the ones who cannot speak, more and more people will have the perception to trust you.

Blogs became more successful in the age of the internet because unlike news columns; they gave information with a personality that comes from the commentaries by the author. The important thing, however, is to strike a balance between being factual and opinionated while pointing out to the audience which is which.

If done correctly, bloggers have huge benefits such as:

  • An opportunity to impact the lives of many others. Whether the topic is social, political or environmental, building awareness is a step closer towards improved life.
  • Personal expression and building a brand. Blogging provides a platform to meet like-minded people and therefore creating a network beneficial to a blogger.
  • Blogging allows for engagement with other people, and a blogger can benefit significantly from this through the exposure to different perspectives.
  • Content mastery is another benefit of correct ethical blogging conduct. Regardless of your skill, writing, filming or recording, the more you engage in it, the better you become at it, and the sharper your skills get.
  • Potential to make money. There is a lot of discussions about how you can make money from a blogging career.


With all these facts, it is clear that there is something like blogger molarity and bloggers should maintain it for the good of their readers, the future bloggers and to themselves. The print industry continues to diminish as the blogging world continues to rise, at some point, the rules will have to be written down to protect the people from fraudulent people online with ill motives such as spreading hate and discrimination as well as false information but as of now it is up to each blogger to be responsible.